ARTRACX welcomes new Digital Marketing Community Manager

2 min readJul 3, 2022


By Daniel Chun
Founder & CEO, Art Group Limited

We are so glad that our ARTRACX project can now really get some lift in the digital world of social media. Please join me to welcome Abigail Laurio whose previous part-time work experience in social media would bring absolute fine touch in cultivating and engaging with the community and friends in various social platforms.

We are currently active now in the following platforms, please join now in Telegram Twitter Linkedin Medium as ARTRACX and Instagram under our Art Group Limited account. In fact, Abigail has been working with Alex Chung, our head of marketing together to develop our campaigns.

Abigail has a passion in art and technology — this had led to an opportunity for us to meet in this digital world. We met online through a social enterprise called Connected Women and her energy level and professional experience has really excited us at the office. She used to be a laboratory professional after graduation and had found interests in science and technologies, she likes to explore everything new relating to cryptography, blockchain (and yes NFTs) relevant to the art ecosystem.

For our 10-years passion project in OpenHeart, we will also invite Abilgail to connect to some local Philippines local artists, and to run various AMA events to build our online community in the platform.

We will also critically review our resources to see when would be appropriate for our team to get into Redit and Discord. Currently we are focused on our plans to engage with artists community to try out our FREE services at

Abigail has also been supporting us in the preparation of Affordable Art Fair (Hong Kong) in 2022 where we planned to launch our Entitle Smart Chipset Kit.

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